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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

If you have spent countless hours in finding good scholarships and accumulating a list of credentials for yourself you already know the importance of an effective scholarship essay in your scholarship application. The key here is to convey a convincing story is a structured manner. Your job here is not to list down your achievements but is to convince the scholarship judges about your abilities.
Know Yourself
You can not explain something unless you know it. Same applies with you also. You will have to make an effort towards knowing yourself before you can even think of writing an essay on you. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Pin point the areas of your life where your circumstances have affected your life and you have done well to hold your ground.
Be Organized
There is a standard set of instructions for being organized. Think about the areas that you want to cover and organize your thought process before you start writing. Make an outline of what you will be writing and make sure that your outline covers everything that is expected from you in the essay. Now you can use a clear and concise language to elaborate each of the points in the outline.
Read between the lines
In scholarships, when you are asked why you want to study sciences; the intent of the question is to ask why you are the right candidate to study sciences. So make sure that you understand each and every question very well before you start answering them.
Be specific
Remember that you are not writing a resume here. It might be tempting to include all your achievements in it but if your essay does not convey a real reflection of you, it is less likely to impress the scholarship judges. Be specific in what you have to write on.
Have a summary
Every essay requires a title and a summary for it to be able convey its message effectively. Make sure you have a thesis statement and a summary at least in your mind when you are writing your scholarship essay.
Show Intent
Make sure that your essay clearly conveys a positive energy about your personality. It's not like an essay that you have written in your childhood on an unknown subject matter. It is about you. It deserves that special attention.
Highlight your accomplishments
You are not alone applying for this scholarship. There are hundreds of others. So there is no point of a sob story here. Pick one or two accomplishments of your life that you want to build upon and then narrate your story around those.
Find Reviewers
No matter how good a writer you are, you will need a few reviewers before submitting your essay. Make sure somebody from your home or college proofreads your essay before you submit it. This is important because it's natural to overlook your own errors.
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Video Essay, the Future of MBA Admissions?

In an effort to better get to know applicants beyond their stats and meticulously crafted essay answers, elite MBA programs have rolled out a number of innovative changes to their evaluation process during this application season.
University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School launched a new team-based discussion component and is pleased with initial reactions; Harvard Business School introduced the written reflection, a 400-word essay submitted within 24 hours of the interview; Georgetown McDonough School of Business has included a micro essay in 140-character "tweet" form; and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business asks this year's crop of applicants, "If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why?"
The goal with all of these innovations is to glimpse a more holistic, authentic view of the applicant, which lately has become harder and harder to do as MBA hopefuls become increasingly savvy about the entire admissions process.
In fall 2012, University of Toronto's Rotman School replaced two of its traditional written essays with a video interview. According to a post introducing the video essay by Niki da Silva, Rotman's new director of recruitment & admissions for the full-time MBA program, candidates were all starting to sound the same as they discussed their MBA goals. Therefore, the two-question video component is "designed to demonstrate the unique traits and abilities of applicants, who may, on paper, appear to be quite similar."
The video essay is designed to capture some of the spontaneity of a live interview, and as da Silva explains in Matt Symonds's recent article on MBA interviews in Forbes:
Applicants can log on and practice with as many non-recorded sample questions as they like. When they're ready to make it official, interviewees get two questions---the first common to all applicants, and the second selected by the computer from a bank of questions pre-recorded by da Silva. They are given 45 seconds to think about their response, and then have 90 seconds to answer.
"There is no preparation required, and no right answer", says da Silva. "They might be asked to talk about an event that has inspired them, or reflect on how their colleagues might describe them. It is telling to see what jumps to mind, and we get a glimpse into their value system and perspectives we don't see elsewhere in the application."
Ultimately, the goal is for the admissions committee to make better decisions about which candidates are the strongest match with the program. This component will better demonstrate communication skills, the ability to think on one's feet, and possibly help identify those applicants who, while not quite as strong on paper, may actually be the diamonds in the rough that enrich the learning experience for all.
As Symonds ponders whether the video interview is the way ahead for MBA admissions, da Silva says she expects many other schools to follow suit, so Rotman is making the most of the 12-months exclusivity they have.
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How a Sample Personal Statement Essay Can Help You Land a Spot at a Prestigious School

Getting into a prestigious schools for college, graduate, medical, or law school is definitely a big plus for your resume. Many choose to apply for a spot at a prestigious schools because prestige has many benefits:
1. Good reputation means high quality of education
Prestigious schools are known for their reputation of providing a high quality of education, something that all student applicants want to have to gain advantage over others. It may be expensive to study at a prestigious school but it's all worth it if you get to be taught by the best professors and practitioners in their own fields.
2. Prestigious schools can help you establish networks with other successful individuals.
Graduating from a prestigious school is definitely an advantage, especially when you're job hunting. Knowing someone from the alumni of a renowned college or university means you can establish a network composed of well-known individuals who can help you with your career or business.
Now, how do you land a spot at your dream school known for its prestige? Aside from having excellent grades, exam scores, and recommendation letters from previous professors or mentors, you have to submit a winning admissions essay.
The admissions essay
Your admissions essay is where you can let the admissions panel see a more personal side of you. This is where you discuss your goals, motivations, and philosophy in life that made you decide to pursue further education at a specific school. To be able to come up with a winning essay, reading a well-written sample personal statement essay is a good idea. A well-written sample personal statement essay can help you figure out what to and what not to discuss in your own essay. Take note though that the sample personal statement essay should only be used as a guide. You shouldn't copy ideas from sample essays.
When writing an essay, think of a topic that can help you present your best foot forward. Some schools give questions to be answered by the applicants while some ask basic questions such as "Why do want to pursue further education?" It's up to the applicant to come up with a creative essay that will stand out and present the writer's strengths as a prospective student. If you can't think of a topic, surf the Net for sample essays. You may notice that many well-written sample essays discuss the writer's motivations, goals, philosophy, and personal experiences. Think of your own personal experiences and see which experience can best tell your story as a future lawyer, doctor, graduate student, or freshman at your dream school.
By reading several essays, you'll be able to pinpoint errors you should avoid when writing your own. These include grammar and typographical errors. You should also have to have a thesis and sentences and paragraphs that support each other, forming a cohesive output. Cliches should also be avoided, as these are overused and provide no personal touch to your essay. When looking for excellent sample essays to be used as guides, you can also ask samples from friends who have graduated or are currently studying at your dream school.
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ICSE Question Papers - Help to Overcome Exam Pressure

The following article provides vital information such as where to get ICSE Papers, what all question papers are available online, and the major amendments made by the ICSE board in the curricula.
The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education commonly known as ICSE conducts examinations for class 10 board. In India, many private and government schools are affiliated to ICSE board. ICSE Papers, as thought of are not that tough. What makes these papers easier is a good preparation. I firmly believe that if a proper preparation is done then nothing can stop you from getting a high score in the examination.
The fear that students undergo is the curiosity to know what do ICSE sample Papers look like. What are the questions, what is the time limit, how many question are there, what are the choices, etc. So the best way to reduce your anxiety is by solving the ICSE 10th Board sample Papers. These sample papers are very easily available online. There are various sites are available, from where you can easily download these and give yourself a good practice. These question papers are available for free. The papers that can be availed are English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Hindi, and Computers. Other subjects are also available.
Other than question papers, some guess papers and samplers are also available. These samplers are prepared by retired college professors, teachers and lecturers. Making these helps students in great deal thereby providing the teachers with some extra earnings. These papers are specially designed so that they serve the purpose, which is to help students get an idea about how the question paper looks like.
According to a news report, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is incorporating changes in its curriculum of ICSE and ISC examinations. All the changes will be in action from April 2010. The start has been made by adding a new subject to the syllabus of grades IX, X and XI. The new subject will be English Speaking and Listening Skills.
Another change implied by CISCE is that the students who fail in the second language in X board doesn't need to write supplementary exams to be promoted to the grade XI.
The change being thought of is of clubbing the environmental education with other subjects. This change will come into effect from 2013.The board is planning to make the marking scheme centralised and as a step towards technological advancement they will have online registration for ICSE and ISC students for board exams.
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7 Tips For Writing Great Essays

You have most probably just walked out of a lecture and you've been given a task - write an essay on the economics of china's hotel economy, or Maslow's hierarchy of needs in Organizational learning. Chance are, you have just started your course or got through the last academic year producing Mediocre essays at best. Below are 7 tips to help you submit great essays.
1. Plan it well and start NOW
OK. I know you will have heard it a lot recently - you need to plan your time, but its true. You need to put aside time from your lectures and socializing with your friends (not to mention a few hours earning money in your job) to actually understand what you will be researching and writing in your essay. Starting straight after you get set the task will put you in a better position than starting a day before submission.
2. Establish clear direction and understanding
If you are wanting for people reading your essay to know that you are confident in writing essays and understanding your topic, then you yourself should be clear about what direction the essay is headed in. Oh, and it could be good if you establish a direction for your research, structure and argument - they're winning aspects of a great essay.
3. Your thoughts and research materials need to be organized
Just to make a clear point, you have to actually read and understand research materials - some students fail to notice that. If you organize these materials, by highlighting, alphabetical-Ising and ensuring you know which quote is where then you should be able to find information to address quickly and find opinionated arguments to support your flow of argument.
4. Learn from other writers
Are you confused about what or how to write? Then go take a look at other people's essays - how have they leaped you glued to their paper and managed to keep consistent in their writing style? Is it interesting to read or does the paper jump around from one position to the next? Have a word with your lecturers/professors and librarians to see other essays from the previous year - are you up to par with them?
5. Plagiarism is a NO, NO
If you are managing your research material right, then you should be keeping track of the references and quotations, don't pass your work off as someone else's as it just won't work - you will get caught. Your professor marking your essay is a professional and expert in the subject you are writing about - they will have read all the sources of the works you have written and know the style of certain authors. If you copy something from an author, and don't reference it, then they will spot it a mile off, just don't do it.
6. Draft a copy
Writing a first draft to check over your work is imperative, not only because you will probably re-write some bits because they don't make sense, but also because you will want to ensure you have got everything in. Miss out the introduction and conclusion at this point though, as you will want to make sure your essay body is done.
7. Presentation is everything
Being a genius and submitting something that is perfect is only seen in the movies. Being human means we can't notice mistakes in grammar, spelling and flow of argument all of the time - our brains simply don't let us. You may spell check your document, but do you have it proofread by another person? If not, then you are making a huge mistake - not only will your essay look poorly written, but the illogical flow of argument and bad sentence structure could me the difference of a few percentage in your mark. The result - it could be the difference between a 1st and a 2:1 to your final grade, or you missing out on a distinction on your masters, even because of a few mistakes in a couple of essays - they all add up.
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Admissions Consultants - Best Recommended Personal Statement Writing Service

If you are applying to go to graduate school, you may find that writing the personal statement is one of the most challenging pieces of the entire application package. Admissions to a top graduate program is dependent on writing a really great personal statement. Everyone isn't the greatest writer - and for those people - help with your graduate admissions essay can be right at your fingertips.
Admissions Consultants, Inc.
Anyone familiar with grad school admissions can tell you that getting into graduate school isn't as simple as having a cutoff GPA or GRE score. As a matter of fact, many people seriously underestimate the importance of the graduate admissions essay. Generally speaking, most applicants have similar GPA and GRE scores. Writing a great statement of purpose is your one chance to speak directly to the graduate admissions committee and present a compelling case to reserve your space on the next year's short list of admitted students. It is your chance to stand out from the competition.
Admissions Consultants, founded in 1996, recognizes that writing a personal statement for graduate school isn't as simple as churning out a term paper. This company specializes in personal statement writing whether you intend to go onto business school, medical school, law school, or even a Ph.D. program. Featured in publications, such as the Los Angeles Times, Business 2.0, and Yale News, this company boasts a staff of Ivy League educated editors and writers on their staff with a track record of producing personal statements that get results!
Full Service Admissions Essay Writing
An admissions essay writing service comes at a premium price. First, there is a full service package called Model Essay Development in which you work directly with writers to completely help you develop an amazing essay from scratch. You simply supply the factual information and then work closely with a writer to develop a one-of-a-kind essay based on their knowledge of what admissions committees are looking for. Model essay development is indeed their most popular service, but if you prefer to do most of the writing yourself, you can use their Critique and Proofreading Service.
Is this service worth the money?
Admissions Consultants is a great service to use if you need to write a standout personal statement, but don't have a lot of time. This company guarantees a 7 day turnaround on all services. You can also opt for expedited service to get your essay back in 3 days. If you are unsatisfied with the finished product, you can request a rewrite for FREE!
While Admissions Consultants cannot guarantee an acceptance letter to your top choice graduate program, they have an excellent track record of producing results after almost 15 years in business. Their staff has credentials from some of the nation's top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU, UPenn, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. Especially if you're applying to any graduate program on this list, then it is probably your best bet to invest in this personal statement writing service that issues results!
Application fees to apply to graduate school are expensive - and growing year after year. What difference would it make to get in on your first try rather than spend hundreds of dollars year after year to only receive a slew of rejection letters? Commit and do what is necessary to write a great graduate personal statement the first time around!
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Insight Essays for Therapy CBT

This paper was written to show the technique of self-reflection exercises in therapy. The client should write out their major life events as they see them, but in a reflective style to analyse their self image, as part of how they see their life. The therapist in turn can use this type of self-reflecting essay to understand the clients thought processes and perhaps an insight into faulty thinking and behavioural adaptations to life events. The following essay is a true story and in the clients own words. As a therapist or someone interested in psychological thought process and analysis the reader should stay emotionally removed in the first reading. By this I mean read as if you are trying to understand the life-story of the client. In a second reading you should look for the significance in the writer's comments and thought processes. Therapists, counsellors and psychologists may then try to answer the question of how they would treat this client if he came to them for help in understanding his behaviour over the years and how he could seek a more stable life-style. The names of the real people have been removed and substitutes inserted with some re-writing for clarity by the author.
Self Reflections of Love and Suffering
Two thoughts have crossed my mind in the last few days that I feel I should commit to paper before they scatter from my mind like leaves in an autumn wind. The first is my language - it came to me that when I was younger I had two fears about language the first being I could not spell very well and tended to be forced to write a short word that I was confident with, rather than a long word that expressed my meaning better but was fearful that I misunderstood its true meaning or that I could not pronounce or write it correctly. The second was in my speech, I knew I wanted to express myself in extended words but again used restricted language to talk. I knew the words but were afraid to speak them in case I appeared foolish or beyond my station. I think the timidity of language came about because I always felt I was special in someway over those people that I associated with. I think therefore I talked my language down in order to fit in with those who seemed to be my acquaintances. As time has gone by and my education has expanded by University and life experience, I now use longer words and more expressive ones than in my youth. However as a teacher I have always had the knack of talking to students at their level just as I did when young to my friends and associates of the time. I learned journalism when in my early twenties and it taught me to write short sentences with no adjectives or flourish of language, but to tell the story straight forwardly and clear. Later when I become a teacher this helped me to write better papers that expressed my meaning without opinion of fancy. I start this paper with this insight as an example of quiet suffering in life. What follows then is the suffering at the hands of love and relationships.
The second thoughts were about suffering. I have known two women in my life for a long period of time. Millicent my first wife and Joslin my long term partner, both I loved in my fashion but in these relationships I now think maybe I suffered for a long time without being able to articulate exactly why to myself. I as married to Millicent when we were both 20 years old, (for 10 years) in which time she bore me two daughters. Her family were low working class and she herself was very traditional of that society. Her siblings thought of me as pretentious as I wore a tie and sometimes talked about ambition, to which they connected to an inflated ego and talking beyond my station in life. (That is a peculiar way of saying this today but that is exactly how it felt to me at the time). I too come from a working class family but of a higher status in that my parents read, were home owners, had travelled around the world, my father was a veteran of WW11 and my mother an accomplished writer in her day.
Although by the time I had grown to realise my parent's characters, all this was unknown to me and as a youth I had little interest in my parents as do most boys. So why do I say suffering - maybe because I stayed and put up with the place in life that Millicent and her family deemed was suitable for me. The working in retail or sales, the home owner with the mortgage, the two little girls we brought into the world ( my one great delight as they are now grown women and have turned out so well - despite me abandoning them so young.) Later when I went into business for myself with the help of my eldest brother, Jake, I started to break away from the family (my own family) in that I became dissatisfied with my life. Dissatisfied with my future, I felt trapped by my marriage and obligation. I asked my wife for a divorce not with a long thinking process, but almost on a whim, of a time of thoughtlessness and partly to be free. Free to do what exactly I was not sure. Later while going through the divorce I met Joslin. She was from a small village and an insular family with little education or accomplishments. She was seven years younger than me and apart from one liaison with a cousin had no real life experience. However she was far more intelligent than Millicent and far more challenging to me.
Joslin in many ways was perfect for me. We came to believe in many of the same things, we both enjoyed reading, discussing and the country life of walking and nature. Later we became vegetarian's together and animal activists in the sense of our beliefs about animal welfare. However two areas caused vexation and heartache. The first was sexual. Joslin suffered from deep depression, a lack of self-worth and appreciation of her own talents and skills. This caused in turn, her to feel that she was unlovable and could never understand my devotion to her. I loved her deeply for many years (we were together for 18) and worshipped her almost daily. This is not to say we did not argue or have unhappy moments, but over-all we were happy with each other most of the time. Sexually she was not as needy as me. I wanted sex regularly and with some variety in what we did. However it soon came to pass that sex was only on the menu when she was able to face it. She often associated sex with keeping me happy and not something she did for her own pleasure or satisfaction.
It is ironic that in the last months of our relationship she became very sexual indeed. Maybe she unknowingly was having her menopause and found at last her sexuality and wanted to be loved with passion for the first time and more importantly for herself. The second area was a lack of faith by her in me. I had took too many risks with our future in the sense of money, jobs and getting myself into troubles mainly through my weakness to help others and my lack of respect for authority. Even to this day I hate working for others or being at someone's call or expectations. I prefer to be free but his has a high cost which tends to be in security and lack of a meaningful relationship. Maybe this desire for freedom is merely my way for avoiding responsibility but now I am philosophising and looking for excuses rather than reality of the situations.
So why did I start this essay with the words suffering? I think that is what my life felt like, first with Millicent as I suffered the humility of having to kow-tow to her family, their prejudicial small mindedness and finally to the realisation that I was wasting my life and giving up my chance to fulfil what ever life was waiting for me to do. I expect a man like me in the past would have talked about God's destiny for me or a conviction that I was meant to do something great in life. Money has never meant more to me than a means to survive and eat. Food is the same, I eat to live and not live to eat. So many people talk of happiness and money in the same breath, but I have never thought this way. Money is just useful but not essential. People talk of food as something gourmet, something almost religious but to me it is just sustenance, something to enjoy at the moment but not talk about or obsess about to others. I cook for myself as it is expedient and less expensive than eating out. Even the best restaurant in the world is still just a place to eat. So how did my suffering continue after Millicent and onto Joslin?
This is more complex as when I met Joslin I was in my 30's and more aware of myself. I was still in the ambitious stage of my growth and wanted to succeed in my work but still I had a huge hole in my emotions about my future. I always wanted to be famous, as a writer, singer or movies star perhaps, but was this just the normal way everyone thinks and it part of the envy that society puts upon the majority that will never have these moments. It explains the popularity of reality shows, TV talent shows and the like. They give the conceited and the dreamers a chance to realise that fame - even if short lived and often leading to gross unhappiness. However fame for me was not in that way, it was a fame of recognition, a fame of doing something important, something momentous, being a hero, saying something in writing perhaps that stuns the world. This is the fame I sought - in fact still seek. Joslin in the beginning and for many years gave me the faith to try, to study, to strive to achieve. Even when things went badly wrong, scandal, bankruptcy, loss - she still stood by my side through the hard times and we still wanted to be together. As I write these words about Joslin, I realise what a great loss to my life she is now that we are apart and no longer part of each others lives as we once were. However this article is about suffering - suffering in my mind and heart - suffering in my very essence. I must have loved Joslin immensely for I stayed with her through years of depression on her part, the moods, the crying, and the sense of worthlessness she endured.
Yet I never really felt I had reason to complain, she was in every way my partner, my life, my need and my supporter. The reader may ask how such a great love came to be abandoned by me so easily in the end. The answer is partly distance and partly my own need for attention, love and a re-awakening of someone to respect me again. I feel I wore Joslin out in that respect, she had been through too many tough times, to many times she had to support me, believe in me when I let her down by my character of taking risks, of being to trusting, of putting others needs before hers or my own. Alas I feel I broke her faith in me - she started to look at me with less than belief and with less than faith, with less respect.
I know this was my fault. I do not blame her at all. Even though I suffered for her over the years in supporting her bouts of depression, her devotion to her worthless brother, (who often took her money and lied daily to her about most things) her vindictive relatives and the lack of loving from her in the form of sexuality and simple words. To hear her say she loved me was the one thing I prayed for most of the 18 years we were together. To hear those words kept me going. I would have suffered any torment to know her feelings to me. The problem with reminiscing is that one cannot remember clearly all those times she may have told me sweet things as they are covered by the longer days of suffering with her disposition towards life and me. In the latter years she went to University and a great change came over her in many respects. She gained new confidence, began to realise she was smarter than many on her course, and of course she was a student now in her forties and therefore understood the value of the education she was receiving and the wealth in the chance to regain what in youth she had lost in chances.
Today I have been in China for over five years, mostly alone but in a few steady relationships that never really lasted very long. For the past year I have been with a young girl named Elle (Chinese) who I have come to love as you would a child who needs a father. I know the relationship is doomed, our ages are too different, our views are poles apart, and she has the arrogance of youth within her and does not yet see that even the wisest man can be wrong. I cannot fulfil her traditional need for security, wealth and family standing that in China is essential to their feelings of insecurity and need for social acceptance. However for now she provides me with some freedom and a sense of companionship that I feel I need. I like being alone but not lonely. I realise I need women, for sex, for companionship, for self-esteem and finally for my feelings of self-worth. An adoring woman satisfies my need to be wanted, to be looked up too and to be seen as someone important at least to them.
The future is hard to foresee now. I have started a business in China and have many friends here, more than in England. I do not miss England or the people very much. I would like to see my daughters more often but they have a good life of their own and I am not the most attentive father to them. I do feel I need to establish a more firm relationship with a woman - if only to feel secure in myself about the future. I ask myself could I go home to Joslin, throw myself on her mercy, ask her to forgive my absence and be with me once more. I think that is now too late, she is settled in her new life, she has grown confident, and has her education and her freedom. She may be lonely at times but she would see my return not as something wonderful but as a burden and a return to uncertainty. No - I could not ask her to do that for me even if it was something I wanted desperately to do. Why would I go back anyway it would only be to acknowledge another failure in my life? I have started to publish many papers and people are reading my works. Some are about teaching and some about my travels around the world. Maybe the fame I have been seeking all my life is here and now. Maybe just around the next corner is the adoration I always wanted from others? The reality I fear now is that in fact like others before me that I want an end to the suffering of life. The suffering of being with other people. Do not misunderstand I do not want to run away from life or the world but merely to finally find my place. To have a legacy that I can look at and think proudly of myself.
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How to Become a Cognitive Psychologist

The first step to entering a career in cognitive psychology is learning how to become a cognitive psychologist and determining whether this career is right for you. As a cognitive psychologist you will be involved with the study of mental processes such as decision-making, language, learning functions, memory and all the other complex functions of the human computing system known as the brain. The training will be research-intensive, and you will need to spend at least seven years at school full time to earn a bachelor's degree, master's degree and PhD, if not more. If you are fascinated by how the brain works and want to make a difference in the world, however, it will be worth it.
The courses in a cognitive psychology program include cognitive processes, language development, perception and statistics. Students often get a Bachelor of Science in psychology, and then go on for the more specialized graduate degree in cognitive psychology. During this time you will need to teach undergraduate courses and submit a master's thesis at the end. Then you will need to move on to a PhD program, where research will play an important role. You will be mentored by faculty members and work towards a dissertation including your own original research.
After the many years of schooling are complete, you will need to become certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology to work as a cognitive psychologist. Your credentials will be reviewed, and you will need to submit paperwork in addition to the passage of a lengthy exam. Experience from internships and laboratory research will pay off when you get to this point, as you will have a much easier time getting a job with some experience to back up your knowledge.
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